Sabah Offers Tourism Volunteerism Programme

If you are into diving, here is a great opportunity for you to opt for voluntourism – a new tourism product introduced by Sabah’s Tourism and Culture Ministry (MOTAC) to encourage more tourists to the state.

MOTAC Sabah Director, Awang Ahmad Zaki Abu Bakar said, this new tourism sector has great potential for future development.

He said, for starters, MOTAC is actively promoting voluntourism for marine life conservation in Sabah because the state has beautiful diving locations for enthusiasts besides being known as one of the top five best diving spots in the world.

“Tourists will not only come to see our beautiful nature but also become a volunteer to preserve the coral reef habitat, planting artificial reef and also marine cleaning,’’ he said at a press conference on 1 Voluntourism Programme to Plant Artificial Reef in Bum-Bum Island: End In Sipadan at ND Divers on 27th July.

The artificial reef planting was done by MOTAC with cooperation from Sabah Backpackers Operators Association (SBOA), ND Divers and 30 volunteers including students from Mara Community College Semporna.

The volunteers stayed at ND Divers for four days three nights to carry out the project.

Previously, similar volunteer tourism project was carried out last April in Mari-Mari Resort, Sepanggar with encouraging support from tourists, especially divers.

Traditional artificial reef was planted in Bum-Bum Island using 150 bricks, mud and cement as part of marine ecosystem conservation like the one done in Mari-Mari Resort, Sepanggar.

For those who would like to travel while volunteering in Sabah, you can contact MOTAC for further information.